Where interpretations are, there we are.

Who we are

A Non-Profit Organization. An NGO specialized in management

We’re the only NGO authorized in Argentina to collect and distribute the intellectual property rights of actors and dancers for the exhibition to the public of their performances.

When the artists play a role, they contribute to the composition of the character with their personal mark.

This is recognized by the intellectual property law, just as it does with musicians, scriptwriters and directors, among others.

That’s why, performers are recognized the right to collect, so they can get royalty payments for the commercial exploitation of the plays they work for.

Our artists make their living by
acting or dancing.

They enrich our culture and it’s fair that they collect for the use of their performances.

SAGAI isn’t only in charge of the collection and distribution of the economic rights, but it also plays an active role within the artistic community through social and cultural programs.

Through our Foundation we accompany
and give support to performers throughout their lives.


Subsidies, scholarships and a wide offer for professional training.


20% reimbursement on medicine buys.


Legal and accounting advice.


Alliance with other organizations to carry out projects like Aplausos para la inclusión [Applause for inclusion].

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SAGAI is an active social actor
in the scene of cultural management
in our country.

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We produce a web channel with exclusive multiplatform contents, interviews, web series, micro programs and special covers.

Monstruos [Monsters]

A renowned actor becomes a journalist in front of a great teacher, director or dramatist; that is, facing a Monster.

Foquito [Spotlight]

an actor and a child read a story. These animated tales seek to encourage children’s reading and to develop the child’s creativity and imagination.

Escenas memorables [Memorable scenes]

Using exclusive interviews to the protagonists, we relive the cinema and TV famous moments.